Importance of disinfecting your phone

Importance of disinfecting your phone

We all know how important it is to disinfect our hands in these COVID-19 times. But why only disinfect your hands? Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. Your phone, cash money, mask and so on. 

We know how important your health is and that is why we have searched for the best and most efficient way to disinfect other things than just your hands. After testing several expensive products, this is the best of the test. And we are surprised by this product ourselves. 

This portable intelligent automatic alcohol disinfection sprayer is one of the best ways to disinfect not only your hands but also your phone, money, mask, glasses,... Disinfects up to 98,99% 

With his proper amount of spray each time, energy saving and safe, and long use of alcohol, waterproof design, no liquid overflow is this sprayer easy to use and the best you can get.

Some important notes!

1. This product does not provide disinfectant.

2. Only use hand alcohol alcohol and do NOT use any type of soap, gel,...

3. Put away from children, 

4. Avoid contact with the eye. 

5. Read manual first.


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